Guest Blogger Review: Guerrilla Internet by Matt Sayer (Jenny's Review)

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Guerrilla Internet by Matt Sayer


The story was about this guy named Charlie, who worked in a company called mBition. One night, his co-worker Joel is murdered and their office is robbed by a man named Kyle who works for "Big Boss". After this, he begins to work with a previous security guard named Mel on the case. They find evidence that allows them to link the crime to several other robberies, including a raid on the EA, a while ago. They manage to find a person named Mike who confesses to having helped "Big Boss" and his henchmen to rob the places. Charlie and Mel then gather more evidence leading them to Japan. So they fly to Japan to look for "Big Boss" and Mike stays in the US where some of "Big Boss's" henchmen had been ordered to kill Mike. Will Mike survive? What will happen to Charlie, Kyle and Mel? Read this book to find out!


To be honest, it wasn't the best book. Ehh, who am I kidding? This book was just downright sad.

I found that it just wasn't interesting enough. Judging by the writing alone, the writing was pretty good in most places, although kind of boring in other places. However, the dialogue kind of ruined everything. Almost all the dialogue just wasn't captivating at all. The author put in way too much stammering, and all of the character's dialogue seemed to be the same so they didn't have enough of their personality in their words. 

The plot wasn't all that great either though. It was so incredibly boring in many parts of the book that I really didn't want to continue the book. The book may not have been that bad without the dialogue though. I feel like they kind of all had the same personality.  They all stuttered, they all seemed to talk the exact way, so there wasn't any good character development.

So to sum up everything, it had a pretty boring plot, pretty bad dialogue and nothing was really GREAT about it. There were some good parts as all books have, but there was just way less good than there was bad.

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