Paper Towns by John Green (Yan Lin's Review)

       Before I start, I would like to note that like Manali, this is my first proper review, so don't expect this to be anywhere close good.

 Paper Towns                                   *SPOILERS AHEAD*
      To start off, the main two characters. Quentin, at first I didn't really have much to think about him, but near the end, I realized how almost some-what addicted to Margo he was. I'm still not sure what to think of that, but moving on. Margo. She just because she doesn't want to be a "paper girl" living in a "paper town", she ends up doing a whole bunch of stuff (like, I don't the opposite part of the country?), which sometimes it can sound like she kind of wants attention (like what Ben said) whether she actually does or not. Though so far, my reactions to the two characters that are basically the "main characters", sound quite negative, it doesn't mean that I don't like them. The way that Margo leaves clues every single time she disappears, and how Quentin figured them out is just brilliant.

   As for the plot and what actually happens in the book, I quite liked seeing Quentin and everyone else figure out where Margo was step-by-step, with all the twists and turns, and not like "I'm gonna try and figure this out...*a day passes*...OH! I know!!!".  Also, the part of the book that I absolutely loved the most, would have to be when they're driving to New York. Other than the fact that they we're basically forced under a time frame to get there, and that they hit a cow (did it die or not...?), they all bonded and became more close to each other. Plus, all the times Ben complained about needing to go to the, I can't even...

   The ending upset me quite a bit. They had spent all this time looking for Margo, and then when they find her, she just simply stays there. Also, the brief fight that Margo and Quentin had, ended way too quickly. Though it was pretty cute at the very end just before Quentin left Margo, they had this super quick "moment"...which then gets cut off. *sigh*

   So overall, I would rate this 4 stars out of 5.

-YanLin Chen

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