Reading Progress for Zero Alternative by Luca Pesaro

Day 1-4/18/2014

Just started the first chapter. It's looking AWESOME!

Day 2(early morning) 2am 4/19/2014-

This book is getting more and more interesting. It seems to be set in a slightly dystopian world; which I love. But instead of making it drastically different from our own, its more like an addition instead of a substitution. And the pot smoking mathematician is...

Day 3(2:30am) 4/20/2014

Ahhhh. It appears this book is getting more and more like a thriller every time I turn the page! And the stripper isn't really a stripper! YAYYAYYAYYAYYAY! Now they can get married and have kids and buy a house and move to Canada and live happily ever after! Errrrr... maybe not. But I'm pretty sure that Scott luuuvs Layla! 90% sure. No.. 80% sure. Umm...50% su-. No nevermind. Don't give on him just yet Layla, he may seem like a cranky old bastard to you but I've read his thoughts...literally. Still.... Please don't die in the next 3 quarters of the book.

Day 4- Binge read rest of book. AWESOME!

Day 5- I wrote a review for ZA today. At 3 in the morning. *sigh* I will post the review on the 25th.


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