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Shiz... this review is late :( Ok anyways, over the past couple of weeks I have been reading 2 books called Destiny and Synchrony, they are the first two books in a series by Cindy Ray Hale.

I am going to write two reviews, the second will be posted a day after the first. 

What is this book about?

Destiny Clark is an average teenage girl, save that she can't wear short sleeves, date outside of her community and can't drink caffeine, like NO STARBUCKS! I guess she's not that normal then... So let me start again.

Destiny Clark is a teenage girl that can't drink coffee, wear short sleeves or date outside of her church. 

In this modern day Romeo and Juliet story, Destiny Clark falls in love with her bother's ex-BFF, Isaac. Sure, so far the story looks pretty normal right, except for Destiny that is. But look again. Destiny Clark is Mormon and Isaac is Baptist. Mormons can't date outside of their church, so this romance seems to be doomed from the start. Or is it. Read this rollercoaster of book, through romantic trysts and failures.

My thoughts?

The characters in this novel were a little, shall we say, unbelievable, both in the good way and the bad way. Like, some of the characters, mainly the minor characters, were more believable, take for example Destiny, she's the main focus of this story, and let me tell you, I have neither met nor read about anyone as indecisive as she is, but I suppose that's the point of the book. But that is besides the point. Some of the minor characters were indeed much more thought out and realistic like Preston for example, I can believe his story, that he loves Destiny so much that he is willing to fight for her in that way. Kinda chivalrous if you ask me. I did like most of the characters so the flaw in Destiny's character was overlooked, kinda.

The plot for this book is pretty good, the pacing can be a little boring at times, but overall it was okay. The weird thing about the plot is again that this novel wouldn't really happen, I have some friends that are Mormon and they are quite strict and their doctrine allows little space for bending the rules. But love is probably the whole point of this novel, that love can overcome any challenge, it makes the plot kinda cheesy but cute at the same time. Cute in the sense of teenage love that is.

The plot for this book however has been used a thousand times before hand. The internal struggle between the one you want, and the one you should want. But what's awesome is that Cindy managed to make it so that the whole plot seems to be recreated. Instead of having love as the deciding factor, she weighs in religion, morale, friendship, parents etc. This made it a whirlwind experience to read and in the end made me love it. I myself would pick Isaac though, the risky choice, but the right choice. But y'all can decide for yourselves....

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  1. Awesome review! I love what you said about religion, family, and friends being factors in the love story. I never thought about that being something that makes Destiny unique.


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