Bout of Books 10: Challenge #1 - If You Like X, Try Y

This is the first challenge for the Bout of Books 10, created by Raquel and Sharon, over at The Book Barbies. For this challenge, you start of with the formula "If you like ________, try ________." The recommendation could be based on anything at all (genre, author, etc.) as long as it fits in the formula.

Some of Our Recommendations:
If you like 'Divergent' (Veronica Roth), try 'Cinder' (Marissa Meyer).
If you like bawling your eyes out, try 'The Fault in Our Stars' (John Green).
If you like to read about myths brought into the present with a twist, try 'The Goddess Test' (Aimée Carter).
If you like sad, contemporary romances, try 'Gabriel's Inferno' (Sylvain Reynard).
If you like reading the book before seeing the movie, try 'If I Stay' (Gayle Forman).*

*before the movie comes out August 22, 2014

So yeah, that's it for this challenge. Check back tomorrow for another challenge for Bout of Books 10!

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