Besides Naturalization by Isabel Chloe (Jasper's Review)

Besides Naturalization by Isabel Chloe
My rating: 2.5/5

   Oi. Where do I start with this book? I mean to say, that this book was pretty good in some parts and downright terrible in others. And by terrible I mean that 6 year old me probably could've done better. Sorry if that sounded a bit harsh but this is an honest review. I understand that this is one of the first books that she's written but... you know, sometimes you just don't feel the book. More than once when I read this book did I wonder "Huh? Did I skip something?" because, this book just throws characters, plots, concepts, dialogue and plethoras of excess details that just kind of act like filler.

 A big part of what confused me was that they live in another world, a more advanced one, where the children have little pet things that tell them what to do. For the longest time, I thought they lived on Earth. Like for more than half of the book. Then I read something about the girl's Grandmother having to fly back to Earth. That was a humongous "Huh?" moment for me. Maybe they really do live on Earth... This book is confusing alright. And weird. And messed up.
   But I have to admit that sometimes the book was actually pretty good. Some of the characters are relatable. Emphasis on the some. Like the older brother and the mother were ok, they were just like normal people, nothing overtly strange about them. But when you get to the main character's BFF Andrea, you have a lot of facepalm moments. She's just a little diva in the making, a spoiled brat that gets everything she wants. But don't get me started on Lily or her Grandmother. Those two are just out there. Lily is Andrea's cousin, she doesn't seem very aware of anything outside of her "pet rent" and maybe that bluebell plant that her Grandmother destroyed. That's why I don't like the Granny. She destroyed a plant that was given to her granddaughter on her birthday just because she was angry at the girl's father. See the logic? I don't.

   That's really all I have to say about this book. The verdict? This book should've been written as a picture book for Grade 3s. Maybe take out the swearing though...


  1. Thanks for your review. I will keep your insights in mind for future projects.


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