Our Bout of Books May 2014 Goals

Bout of Books
So after much deliberation (another 10 minutes) we decided on our goals for this Book Bout. We appear to be a having a little calm in the storm known as school so we should be able to read quite a bit this week!

Hours spent reading everyday: AT LEAST 10 hours between us or roughly 3 1/3hrs each.

Number of Books: 20 between 3 of us or roughly 7 each. We do not have a set list of these books. We will post the title when we decide to read them but we have decided on these following books for the first 2...

Jasper~ The Infinite Moment of Us
                Mansfield Park (third time trying)
YanLin~ The One
Manali~ Elegy
                Under the Never Sky

Extra Goal: Read and Review at least 2 R&R books each
We really hope that we can accomplish these goals. Thanks in advance for your support along the way!

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