Reached by Ally Condie (Manali's Review)

Reached (Matched, #3)Reached by Ally Condie
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Last book in the series. Thank the gods it's over.

Cassia’s journey began with an error, a momentary glitch in the otherwise perfect fa├žade of the Society. After crossing canyons to break free, she waits, silk and paper smuggled against her skin, ready for the final chapter.

The wait is over.

One young woman has raged against those who threaten to keep away what matters most—family, love, choice. Her quiet revolution is about to explode into full-scale rebellion. With exquisite prose, the emotionally gripping conclusion to the international–bestselling Matched trilogy returns Cassia, Ky, and Xander to the Society to save the one thing they have been denied for so long, the power to choose.

Okay. This book bored me to death, and I celebrated when it was over. I had actually started this book in February, gotten about 5 chapters in, and then literally fallen asleep. I tried again in April, and thankfully I finished. I have shamed myself. I gave up in February, and it took my 6 days to finish it this time.

Plot: Huge problem here. It's boring as hell at the beginning,and then in the last hundred or so pages, it starts getting interesting. So the Plague. It seems under control, and then suddenly it mutates. It reminded me of Ebola - the description of the mutation. Bleeding, and more gross stuff. And then of course, everybody's looking for a cure. Cassia's been sent to Central, Ky and Indie are pilots (the best) and Xander and his friend Lei are medics. And the Pilot has revealed himself as the leader of the Rising. All this seems okay, but it's really boring. Cassia's just occupying her time with Archivists, and thinking about Ky, Ky and Indie...they're flying in first-gen Plague cures...which Indie expresses her love towards Ky, and Xander's just being a medic and thinking about Cassia. It only starts to get interesting after Ky goes still, when the Pilot is flying them to Endstone. The other farmers, especially Anna and Oker, make the story much more interesting. And how Hunter is sort of a traitor.

I love how Cassia's is such a rebel. It's nice how Cassia's mom indirectly helped Cassia and Oker to find the cure for the mutation. Actually she discovered it. Annnnnd, it was surprising to find that Nea Lei was Laney (Vick's wife). And I like her with Xander. I was only upset with the ending 0 mostly that neither Cassia or Ky died.

So some good parts (mostly the end), some really bad. Overall, 3 stars. Yay, 3 stars for the whole series!


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Reached (Matched, #3)

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