Voice of an Angel by Becky Lower (Jasper's Review)


*looks up from cellphone* "THE BOOK IS DONE?!"
OH. MY. GOD. This book was pretty darn awesome. But before I get ahead of myself, I just want to tell you the genre of this book. Its a romance. But even if you hate sappy romances, read on, please, you can thank me later ;D

Who knew that being a hard news reporter in a war zone could be that bad. Running around with the army, wearing fatigues, hiding in bushes, getting shrapnel in your heart. Awesome right? Well it kind of is all worth it in the end when you wake up from your drug-induced sleep in the US, being tended upon by the sexiest nurse you've ever seen. That's the life of Max Bainbridge.

This book was one of the most awesome romance novels that I have ever written. Seriously. And this is coming from a guy, I didn't nearly fall asleep from the cheesy dialogue, I didn't find myself predicting every single moment in the book, nor did I feel that this book expressed the type of "book love." It comes down to the nitty gritty stuff. Love not being all 1-dimensional, love being one of the most complex things anyone can ever write about. I find that the author's interpretation of love is one of the best I have read in a long time. A loooooooong time.

So final verdict: I recommend you to read it when you want to see what real love is supposed to be.

I know this review is really short, but all I can say is that I loved it.

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