My Rant(ish) #1: CoHF, TFioS, Canadianisms, A French YouTuber and German. | Madness Mondays #1

OK I know I haven't been posting anything for the past while and I just want to tell y'all that I've been really busy reading so there should be a few reviews up soon.

To Cassandra Clare:


To TFIOS Producers:

I EFFING LUVED THAT TOO. I BAWLED MY EYES OUT I TELL YOU. All of us here at the blog actually went together today. That was pretty awesome. YanLin and I just died halfway through. And... she kept on crying after we came out. We went into the Indigo pop-up store in Scarborough Town Centre and the cashiers gave her a box of tissues :P It was that good. All those feels.

Sorry, I couldn't help it :D

I've also recently discovered this awesome French YouTuber named Cyprien. So for all of you who speak French, I really suggest you to check him out. And for those of you who don't...Check him out anyways, he's hilarious.

En Français...

J'ai découvert un YouTuber qui s'appelle Cyprien, pour les personnes qui parlent Français je suggeste que vous allez regarder ses vidéos. Il est hilarant. Vraiment hilarant. Mais pas pour les enfants...

His/Son YouTube Channel:

For those of you who don't know, we are actually from Toronto, which is in Canada, where we live in igloos, see polar bears everywhere, say eh and "aboot." And we start learning French in Grade 4. Actually you Americans out there reading this, if you still think we say aboot, we actually say it closer to "aboat" than anything else. And that's only in certain cases. It's difficult to explain. Kinda like the word "eh." And yes, eh deserves to be a word. In Canada, we say "eh" kinda more like a word to be inclusive. To invite others into your conversation. Like "Weather's nice out, eh?" it's kinda like saying "isn't it" Its kinda like you're expecting an answer.

OK then... that went into an unexpected tangent...

I've also recently bought a German for Dummies All-in-one book... it's not going to well. I have to remember 16 different forms of the word "my" well... not really 16 different forms. But 16 forms. I'm dying. But I love learning languages so... yeah.

Ich kann ein klein Deutsch spreche. Aber... es ist nicht sehr gut. Ich sterbe. <----- that's all I got.

Anyways. That's all I got for today. Hope to be posting a lot of reviews soon. Cy'all later!

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