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Control (Control, #1)Control by Lydia Kang
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Oh, wow. This book...just wow. This book was so good.

When a crash kills their father and leaves them orphaned, Zel knows she needs to protect her sister, Dyl. But before Zel has a plan, Dyl is taken by strangers using bizarre sensory weapons, and Zel finds herself in a safe house for teens who aren't like any she’s ever seen before—teens who shouldn't even exist. Using broken-down technology, her new friends’ peculiar gifts, and her own grit, Zel must find a way to get her sister back from the kidnappers who think a powerful secret is encoded in Dyl’s DNA.

A spiraling, intense, romantic story set in 2150—in a world of automatic cars, nightclubs with auditory ecstasy drugs, and guys with four arms—this is about the human genetic “mistakes” that society wants to forget, and the way that outcasts can turn out to be heroes.

I feel very bad. I read this book while I was in the middle of another book, because the other book was boring me...and I finished this book. I am still reading the other book. After around 5 weeks. And I finished this book within 2 days. So I feel a bit sad. but I don't regret reading this book, because it was awesome, and just so wow.

So my first thought on Dylia, was that she was a bit of a b****. Yeah. Like, she was so girly and ew, and I don't want to say that she was a w**** but she seemed like it. But I liked her better after Zelia found out that she liked poetry, and that she was a lot different on the inside...but I still kinda thought of her badly after she revealed to Zelia that she got pregnant by choice, by a guy she met only a few weeks prior. And I found that so sick and so gross and just...bleh.


On a completely different note, how cool was Zelia? She is so smart, and so cool and just brave and just awesome on all counts...and I can't even explain. I like that she's short and small, but still smart. I feel like in books, we see too many tall, strong female characters. I don't just mean physically strong, I also mean emotionally strong, which is something Zelia is a bit lacking in -- emotional strength. And I feel like, though Zelia is physically weak, a bit emotionally weak, she is too smart, which makes up for it. And she's pretty (wink, wink). Like her weakness in one area makes room for complete domination of the other area. Which is lack of strength, dominance over intelligence.

Next, how cute is Cy? He's just like, so awesome. Strong, smart, typical dude, except for that weird torture thing...and of course, his soft spot for Ana. Now I really like Zelia's relationship with the William siblings. Cy, he hated Zelia (or at least pretended to) at first. And then he follows her to Argent after begging her not to go, and then he gives her mouth to mouth, and then he kisses her, and then BOOM! it's Zyrad...or Cylia? I don't know. But I ship it. I think they're brilliant, and cute. And he sacrificed himself for her, and she doesn't deserve him, but I don't care because they're just so cute! Ah, fangirl moment.


I was a bit upset with the ending though, for the sole reason that they didn't end perfectly together. But I suppose this book ended with reality. Because most stories shouldn't end happily, because that's not how the real world


Zelia's relationship with Ana is really sweet. At first,Zelia treated her exactly as what she was -- someone crazy, someone who's been damaged so badly that they will forever be trapped in the mind of a child. But I think after that. after Zelia and Ana connect, Zelia brings out some kind of sanity in Ana. The way Ana helps her, the way Ana treats her before she leaves...I just think it's something that Zelia brought out in her, as if she were a close friend, or a sister, something that made her mature like that, like the realization that Zelia was walking into a dangerous situation sobered her up.

I love Zelia's new family in general. Ana, Cy, yes. Ireally like Hex -- he's so brotherly, and happy, and genuine. I think it's refreshing. Then there's Vera. The at-first-b***** sister, who eventually grows to like Zelia. Marka, she's just too nice, and too protective. Wilbert though, I don't want to talk about him. I don't like traitors, period.

Micah, I felt like there was something wrong with him from the beginning. The way he was acting so nice, so perfect, trying to prove himself as the obvious guy to pick, just made him seem so much more wrong. And he's so ew, getting both Ana and Dyl pregnant. He's gross, and I hope he dies soon.

Well I'm just going on and on now, so I'm going to end this review here. I just found out today that Control was going to a sequel, called Catalyst. I'm a bit disappointed with that, because Control would have done just fine as a stand-alone. But I really liked this book, and the writing in the book, so I actually and really eager for this book to come out.

- Mannytee :)

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Control (Control, #1)

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