Rants With Manny #2 - When Books Don't Match | Madness Mondays #2

I've decided that my first post of the year is gonna be a rant. A rant about stuff that's wrong with books.

(Brace yourself, it's gonna be a long one.)

So let's get started . . .


*Please note that these are personal preferences, and it might just be because I am slightly OCD

So basically, what inspired me to do the first half of this little (big) rant was that I just recently finished the Across the Universe series by Beth Revis (Across the Universe, A Million Suns, Shades of Earth). And it was awesome, right? But the original reason I picked up the book, and it usually comes down to this reason, was that it had the beautiful-est cover. 

So that's the cover that made me pick up this book. Obviously, after first seeing the cover, I then read the synopsis just to make sure it was worth reading. And it was. 5 stars. Same for the rest of the series. But there was one thing I learned then I was reading this. And it pissed. Me. Off.

I dunno, maybe I would have enjoyed the books better if I hadn't had this knowledge.

But noooo. When I first got this book to read, I was just intent on finishing the book. I didn't go researching the next two books (which were already out when I read this one). But when I decided it was time to finish the series, I came across some terrible knowledge.

The book covers had changed. They used this cool galaxy cover for the first book and the second, but for the third book, they made it this weird metallic thing.

These are all the books:

So yeah. It's not that the third one is ugly, it's just that, personally, I prefer the galaxy type thing, and that it pisses me off that they published the first two books in the galaxy edition and the third one in the weird metal thing. 

Then, they changed the first two books to the metal thing:

I don't really care that they changed the cover style. Everybody does that. Most books I know do that. (And then there's movie covers.) But my problem here is that they published the first two in one and then published the last one as something different. They didn't even bother publishing the last book in the same edition as the first two. And also, the insides are in a different font, and the chapter headers are different. And it's just. So. Wrong. 

So now, if I ever go and buy these books, they're gonna look so gross on my bookshelf because they don't match. 


Okay. So now that the "Changing book covers" part of the rant is over, it's time to move on to book sizes.

I currently own two series that have this problem. And they are the Harry Potter series and the Artemis Fowl series

I can understand when little side books (like mini spin-offs like "The Artemis Fowl Files") are different, but the main series books, books that are actually part of the series and not side books that don't have to be read, those have to be kind of . . . uniform. They have to be the same shape: none of the books are allowed to be taller or shorter than the other, and they have to be the same width. And they have to be in the same format: they have to all be either paperback, or they have to all be hardcover. (And of course, add in the rule from Part One of this rant, they have to be from the same cover edition.)

Which is why it made me so upset that when my cousin bought me the Artemis Fowl books 1-3 box set, they were all hardcover, and when I got the remaining books (that were out at the time, which were 4-7), numbers 4-6 were in paperback, and #7 WAS IN HARDCOVER. I was unbelievably angry (and I might have cried). 

I got the first six books of Harry Potter for my seventh birthday. And it was awesome and the books were amazing. But I had one problem. They were all in paperback EXCEPT FOR THE CHAMBER OF SECRETS. (Even back then I had book-OCD, haha.) And then, the following year, my cousin bought me the Deathly Hallows. And there were two problems with that: it was in hardcover, and it was in a different edition than the rest of the books I had. 

I kinda lied to y'all back there. I technically have three series that have this problem. The third, though I don't know if it counts, happened when I asked my grandma to buy the Heroes of Olympus series (books 1-3 because 4 and 5 weren't out yet). I'd already read the books from the library and borrowing it off people, but I love having my own copies of books. So I asked for them. What I didn't realize was that since she doesn't live in Canada, she'd be buying the European version of them. Which, as you can see, are not beautiful

I did get the Canadian/American editions for the whole series afterwards (so I do have this version of the whole thing:)

But that's not even what bothered me. What bothered me was that none of the books were the same size. The Lost Hero was the smallest, then The Son of Neptune was the same size in height, but slightly wider, and them The Mark of Athena was just . . . no. It was terrible. It was huge. I was actually kind of upset, and I did have a few arguments about it . . . but nobody got it. But I'm okay now, and I have the whole series in the normal version, all perfectly sized, in the same edition . . . so yeah.

Alrighty, this has gone on longer than I planned, but I guess that's something to be expected of a rant from me. But yeah. I might even consider doing a "Part Two" post to this. Because I know there's loads that I missed.

But for now, that's it. 

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                        - Manny

P.S. I feel like I just spilled out my life story . . .


  1. THIS POST IS MY LIFE! I also hate cover changes (when they're for the worse) and the Across the Universe series is what my mind immediately goes to when someone mentions it. I haven't read the books yet, but I don't even want to buy the last book and will probably borrow from my school library. Different book sizes also annoy me, particularly in the same series or if I had only the last one hardback etc, however it makes it fun arranging them on my bookshelf ;)
    great post Manny

    Most recent post: http://enchantedbyya.blogspot.com/2015/01/teaser-tuesday-20.html

  2. Thanks, Anna! (Also, I'm so glad you agree, I am NEVER buying the third book.)


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