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Hi everyone! My name is Jasper (as you probably know from the title of the page) I'm also known as the "Green Camidiot." My favourite colour is however, not green, but rather blue. I'm one of the founding members of this blog and you'll find me reviewing 1-7 times a week depending on my mood. I love to read and am probably the fastest reader on this blog (YanLin can attest to that.)

My recent speed reading success is City of Heavenly Fire by Cassandra Clare. I absolutely loved the book and I devoured it in one sitting from 5 o'clock till 8 o'clock. But that book was AWESOME. I'd be surprised if anyone didn't finish it in 1 sitting...

My favourite author: My favourite author (on most days) is by far Kelley Armstrong. And by on most days, I mean sometimes I absolutely hate her for writing those awesome cliffhangers. And the fact that she's Ontarian gives her some extra points too.

My favourite book: This is a really unfair question... My favourite book depends a lot on my mood. I mean what if I'm not in a mood to read about a bunch of guys trying to kill each other? But then again... when am I ever? Hmmm.. If I really had to pick one: Dime Store Magic by Kelley Armstrong

Random Tidbits: 
     -Proud to be Canadian
       -I play piano
       -I currently own 120 novels, over 300 books in total
       -I design blogs at http://fabulouslychicdesigns.blogspot.ca in my spare time
       -Books are my BFFs
       -IMO Photoshop makes everything better

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