To authors/publishers: please read the review policy of the following bloggers: Yan Lin Chen, Jasper Jian, Manali Karkhanis, and Brandon Que.*


*Other guest bloggers on our site may follow other rules. We require that those bloggers write a review policy upon joining. Please check their own individual review policy when requesting

We would love to review books of all genres (particularly YA, NA and supernatural) except for the following:


All our reviews will be 100% honest and we will not give any precedence to any author regardless of whether you sent us a book or gave us an eBook (first come first serve). Please note that we will not refrain from reviewing negatively, as stated above, we are 100% honest, but we will not be extremely critical, or use profane language; we do try to look at all the good characteristics of a book.

We will not try to make profit or use these books in “giveaways” (commercial uses) without consent.

We accept books in hardcover, paperback, and most ebooks (.pdf, .epub, .mobi.) While we do love to read with physical copies we understand that it is not always possible.

We will gladly accept ARCs. ARC reviews will be post by one or two weeks before the release of the book so that our viewers will have enough time to read the review and preorder the book before they forget about it. If you would like us to post the review on a specific date, please contact us.

Please include the following in your email:

-Your name                 -When you want the review posted
-Name of book           (If this review is an ARC, please specify)
-Genre                         (If ARC, please include the release date)
-Synopsis                    (Goodreads/Amazon link if possible)

If you have any additional comments, questions or concerns, please use the message box, or email us at   

Thank you for reading our review policy. We hope to receive review requests in the near future.

   The team at The Last Page at Midnight   

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